B Home Can Help You Apply for a Phoenix, AZ Jumbo Loan

If you do decide to apply for a jumbo loan in Phoenix, you will probably have a lot of questions. Is your credit score high enough? Will you have enough money for the down payment? Will the bank consider your debt-to-income ratio acceptable? What do you need to know about the two appraisals? Will the loan terms be favorable? Are there any hidden costs?

At B Home, we have helped many homebuyers throughout the Phoenix area to successfully apply for jumbo mortgages. It is true that a Phoenix jumbo mortgage is trickier to qualify for than a conventional home loan, but with B Home on your side, you can navigate through the eligibility requirements and application process swiftly and with ease. Ready to get started? Give B Home a call today at 602-953-6677, and we will help you to apply for a jumbo loan in Phoenix, AZ!